Where the Heroes are

 A family. Son Jons is severely handicapped. His head is on fire. At the age of seven, his parents make the hard, almost impossible, decision to let him live in an institution.

Ange Wieberdink got to know the family when Jons had already left home. She was able to film the family during some significant moments in their lives. The family also let her use home videos, photos from the family archives, and scenes from the theatre show that his mother made about Jons’ first years at home. 

 Where the heroes are offers a unique insight into the life of Jons, his parents and his sister. The family has to deal with great challenges but it is also a family like many others.

This documentary is made for Eigen Werk Theaterteam.
They are responsible for the distribution.


with Marike van Weelden, Arne Ehlhardt, Bieneke Ehlhardt & Jons Ehlhardt

  • Director Ange Wieberdink
  • Images from family archive Marike van Weelden & Arne Ehlhardt ea
  • Difficult Parents: text and play Pieter Tiddens en Marike van Weelden
  • Camera Claire Pijman, Jet Homoet, Jelle Raap, Ange Wieberdink
  • Sound Piotr van Dijk, Ludo Keeris, Claas Meier, Raoul Popma
  • Editing Dorith Vinken NCE
  • Composer Tessa Rose Jackson
  • Mixage Marc Lizier KLINK
  • Colorization  Xandra ter Horst
  • Graphics Carel Kuitenbrouwer
  • Postproduction Loods, Lux & Lumen

Co-production Eigen Werk Theaterteam & Wieberdink Producties

Duration of the film 43′