In 2019 I visited the permanent The Family of Man exhibition in Luxembourg. All the photographs from the legendary exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York are on display there – dating from 1955, but timeless in their power. It was a journey back in time. As a child I was fascinated by the catalogue of the famous photographic exhibition – a whole new world of discovery. Some of the pictures were known to me, but many were not. Intriguing, unfamiliar worlds – silent moments that stirred fantasies and triggered sounds of their own.
When I was twelve I was given a camera, and ever since I have been taking my own pictures – in my travels, my everyday life, my work. Taking my own pictures makes time stand still, and has taught me to see things more clearly. Leafing through my photographic files is like reading a diary, travelling through my life. For this website I have made a thematic selection of my photographs.