A New Day

A child with a disability – The first year with Dereyza

Saadet professionally guides parents with disabled children. Then it happens to her. She got a son with Down syndrome, Dereyza. ‘Why do I have such a child?’, she wonders. ‘Did I do anything wrong?’ She doesn’t want to visit the infant welfare centre, because there she will meet other mothers. ‘People watching and thinking: Ah, he is different. It hurts.’ Saadet’s husband Cem has mixed feelings as well. ‘At first, there was a distance. The love for Dereyza had to grow.’ After six months, they decide to take their son outside. Saadet: ‘When I’ll accept Dereyza, questions about him will be less painful.’

Toch naar buiten (EN) from ZieZo/Wieberdink on Vimeo.


Met Saadet, Cem, Dereyza & Pelda Kaya

Regie & camera Ange Wieberdink
Productie Ange Wieberdink & Helen Flören
Tweede camera Jet Homoet 
Geluid interview Marjo Postma 
Montage Jessica de Koning, NCE
Mixage Hugo Dijkstal
Transcriptie Yinka Kuitenbrouwer
Tekstredactie Ilse Bos
Grafische vormgeving Harmine Louwé
Online FilmDoc/Jouke Dubel 
Kleurcorrectie Filmmore/Wouter Suyderhoud
Ondertiteling Invision

© Stichting ZieZo 2012

deze film is tot stand gekomen dankzij bijdragen van
Dichterbij, NSGK, Thuiszorg Pantein , Stichting Philadelphia Zorg