In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the Dutch Lon Verstijnen and the French Christine Bénedite were imprisoned in the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. The Allied Forces were advancing and the Nazis decided to clear the camps. They put the prisoners on forced marches, the so called death marches. Lon and Christine, together with seven other women managed to escape. As a group of nine, in six days they crossed hostile Germany and all of them reached the American troops. Three out of nine wrote about the adventures. Their diaries have been used in this film. Lon and Christine are now over 90. Still they never forgot that journey. They have never seen each other since.


regie & research: Ange Wieberdink & Jetske Spanjer

productie Ange Wieberdink & Andre Bos
camera: Bruce Gray, Peter Brugman
geluid: Gert Jan Miedema, Tom d;’Angremond

beeldresearch: Gerard Nijssen
montage: Jessica de Koning
ondertiteling: Peter Groot NL, Martin Cleaver EN
geluidsmontage: Marc Lizier, KLINK
Online Rob Das/FilmDoc 
Kleurcorrectie Xandra ter Horst/Dutchview
grafische vormgeving: Harmine Louwe
lengte: 50 minutes

copyright Armadillo Film & Wieberdink Producties, 2010