A New Day


A child with a disability – The first year with Dereyza

Saadet professionally guides parents with disabled children. Then it happens to her. She gives birth to a son with Down syndrome, Dereyza. ‘Why do I have a child like this?’, she wonders. ‘Did I do something wrong in the past?’
She doesn’t want to visit the infant welfare centre, because she’ll have to face other

mothers. ‘People look at us and think: Ah, he is different. That hurts.’

Saadet’s husband Cem has mixed feelings as well. ‘At first, there was a distance between me and him. The love for Dereyza had to grow.’ After six months, they decide to take their son outside. Saadet: ‘I know that when I accept Dereyza, answering questions about him will be less painful.’

Nebahat Albayrak, member of the Dutch House of Representatives:

‘‘A New Day’ gives you an impression of the lives of parents who recently gave birth to a disabled child. This is heartbreaking and touching. Saadet and Cem openly describe how this affects them. It takes a lot of courage to talk about emotions that are taboo for many people. The film portrays the recuperation of the family. ‘A New Day’ is an important and moving documentary film about a painful issue.’





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