‘I’ll take you along’ on Handifilm Festival, Rabat 2015

The film ‘I’ll take you along’ has been presented in Morocco during the Handifilm Festival 2015. The film ‘Ik neem je mee’ has been broadcasted in 2013 and 2014 by Dutch Public Television. The film is available on DVD with subtitling in Dutch, Arab, Darija, French and English.

As the Dutch embassador Ron Strikker wrote on the facebook of Ambassade des Pays-Bas au Maroc

Ce documentaire, qui décrit la vie de familles marocaines et maroco-néerlandaises ayant en leur sein un enfant handicapé, est un brillant exemple de ce que les Marocains et les Néerlandais ont à offrir quand ils s’unissent.

From the Netherlands the makers of the film, Ange Wieberdink and Naima Azough, Salima Boumeaza (the mother of Manar) and Nordin Dahhan, the pediatrician travelled to Rabat to participate at the festival. Before the opening of the festival the makers and Salima Boumeaza visited the Dutch embassador.






















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