Festival Taiwan 2012

In October 2012 I visited the 8th Taiwanese International Documentary Festival in Taichung as I was invited to jury the Asian Vision Award. Together with Sichen Yi from China (on the first foto left) and Chu-chen Hsiao from Taiwan (on the right), we watched all 24 films that had been selected for this award.
The festival was held in the Museum of Modern Art in Taichung which is a lovely place. On top of that, director Jane Yu and her staff and volonteers managed to create a very open and welcoming atmosphere.
All together it was a great experience meeting all these inspiring people, talk about film making and to watch documentaries from many different countries.

meeting of the jury of the Asian Vision Award











As part of a special programme, the film ‘Escaped’ was screened twice. The audience was moved by the film. Their comments and questions were slightly different from what we’ve experienced when screening the film in Europe, partly because Taiwan was not involved in WWII the same way the Netherlands was. The film was considered to be ‘anti-war’.

Pictured below:

The audience waving to Lon (one of the main characters of ‘Escaped’) and a group of students asked for a picture with one of the directors.



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