I’ll take you along


In the summer of 2012 footage for ZieZo’s ┬ároduction ‘I’ll take you along’ was shot. This film focusses on people with a disability who have a Moroccan background and live either in The Netherlands or Morocco.One of these people is Manar. Manar is 12 years old and got physically disabled during birth. She’s in a wheel chair and cannot speak, but she has her own ways of explaining what she wants. Her parents, aunts and grandparents are doing everything they can to help Manar to live a ‘normal’ life. Her younger sisters don’t know any better, to them she is the way she is.


ZieZo also filmed in Morocco and was accompanied by Dutch-Moroccan pediatric Nordin Dahhan, who founded the Mosaic Clinic in Amsterdam and┬áregularly travels to Morocco to meet with other pediatrics. He also’s involved in connecting people who are disabled or live with a disabled person.

This production is funded with the help of ten organisations and has been released mid 2013.





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