About us

Ange Wieberdink Productions is a Dutch film production company founded by Ange Wieberdink, whose ear for stories untold has taken her into the hearts and homes of individuals across the globe. A career in Development exposed her to lives lived on the edge of society and gave her an appreciation for understanding as a driver of change. Her films give voice and value to minority experiences, be it the challenge of living with a disability, conflict, trauma or cultural integration. Given the opportunity to share with audiences the issues they face, storytellers are empowered to become agents of change.

Ange’s strength as a filmmaker lies in her ability to analyze without judgment. A skill she credits to her background in academic research. She is able to determine and represent underlying processes and implications while staying true to her subjects’ personal realities. Every story is handled with respect and each narrative constructed with integrity. The patience and compassion with which subjects are treated translates into performances that are both natural and honest. The resulting films are genuine depictions of life in the margins of society.

From an early age, Ange has been a passionate amateur in film and photography. It was not until working with Free Voice, in support of independent media in southern countries, that she considered developing her knack for visual storytelling into a profession. Her growing portfolio of audiovisual works eventually lead to the establishment of the ZieZo foundation — a platform used to promote and improve intercultural communication through film. Ange Wieberdink Productions was founded in 2000, where her team continues to capture stories, to the benefit of audiences and storytellers alike.